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Drain tile purpose is to eliminate water from around the outside of the base, and most local construction codes now require the installation of drainage tiles during the building of a brand new home. Unless of course your home was designed to sit on pilasters on a single body of water, the last thing you need is a soggy foundation. Ponding water in a crawl space is usually the very first sign that the drain is not doing its job. Most home owners aren’t in the habit of assessing their crawl spaces so humidity levels could construct and affect the wood trusses or flooring joists before anyone notices a problem.

Incorrect installation, like failure to provide adequate filtering substance, is the largest reason for premature drain tile failure. Drain tile, that is typically a four inches flexible perforated pipe, comes in big rolls of 100 legs or longer. Your very best bet is to purchase a roster long enough to go around the outside of your base with 10 legs. As you have already had a single drain tile mishap, purchase the very type of drain tile that comes together with a thin cloth covering, called a sock. A backhoe is the very equipment of choice for excavating round the perimeter of the foundation.

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Depending upon the depth of the footer, that is where the very old drain tile lies, you can get by digging at a simple ditch round the foundation, or might have to dig curbs (drain excavation) to maintain the ditch from collapsing. Once you get your permit, the very building department will let you know if you’ve to take safety precautions. After sweeping debris off the footer, that is about 8 inches wide, run the very new drain tile pipe, beginning in the very sump bucket and ending at the very sump bucket. The perforated pipe sits on the very footer, next to the very base.

If required, you can brace the pipe in position with a few bricks. Your best bet is to utilize a single continuous length of drain tile pipe. If that is not feasible, splice the pipe as indicated by the drain tile manufacture. Test the very sump pump by pouring water into the very bucket slowly. CCTV drain surveys can detect any fractures in the pipes or collapsed pipes.