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How to Apply for Business Credit Card Benefits


If you own or are starting up a business, you may want to consider applying for a business credit card. Business credit cards can help your business grow and can make sure you are prepared to handle any financial emergencies fast. If you’ve never applied for a business credit card before, you may be wondering how to apply for business credit card benefits. The fact is, applying for a business credit card is extremely easy, and you don’t need any special knowledge to understand how to apply for a business credit card.


How to Apply for a Business Credit Card

You might think that your business needs to be a certain size, or that you need to be an established business in order to apply for a business credit card. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. You can apply for and get a business credit card even if you don’t have a business at all. Simply list yourself as the sole proprietor of whatever available company name is to your liking and fill out a business credit card application. The credit card company can use your personal credit information to determine whether or not they want to extend you credit. In fact, even if you do have a business credit profile, the credit card company is likely to check out your personal finances as well as your business financials.


Procedure on How to Apply for a Business Credit Card

The first thing you’ll want to do is do some research on the different business credit cards and what they offer. Different credit card companies may offer generous sign up bonuses for new businesses and you’ll want to take advantage of this. Of course you should also be aware that some credit card companies offer generous introductory rates that balloon into less favorable rates down the road, a tactic you’ll want to avoid as a growing business. You should also get a copy of your personal and business credit reports and scores, just to see where you stand and how you appear to perspective lenders. The better your credit rating, the more likely you are to get high credit limits and favorable interest rates. Then it’s simply a matter of submitting the application and waiting for approval.


What to Do with Your Business Credit Card

You may wish to get multiple cards to give to your employees, so that they can make purchases and perform necessary transactions when you are not available. Be sure to keep careful records of who is spending what on the company credit card, as a few missed payments can damage your business credit rating and make future borrowing more difficult. You shouldn’t need business credit cards from more than one or two credit card companies. If you find that you do, you may want to consider scaling back unless there are special circumstances necessitating more credit cards. If scaling back is not an option, consider applying for a higher credit limit or a line of credit rather than having too many credit cards on your business account.


Best Features for Business Credit Card for a Start Up Company


What’s the best business credit card for start up companies? There are a number of great business credit cards on the market today, and you might want to get two or three for your business (although you probably shouldn’t get more than this). Business credit cards give your business the financial flexibility to get off the ground and be successful from the beginning. Choosing the right business credit card for the startup you are founding will largely depend on the features that that particular card offers. Here are the features you should be looking for in a business credit card for a start up company.


Competitive Interest Rates

Don’t get distracted by special rewards or features and ignore the interest rate. It’s unlikely that the financial value of any perks will make up for the amount of money lost by taking a card with a high interest rate. Be sure to compare interest rates for different cards, and keep in mind that the interest rate you sign up at may not be the interest rate you can still expect after six months of membership. Try to find a card with a 0% introductory APR and a competitive interest rate once the introductory period has passed.


Multiple Cards

One of the great conveniences about business credit cards is the ability to give cards to all of your employees so that they can make purchases and conduct transactions in the service of the company. Try to find a business credit card that offers free cards for all your employees to use.



Different business credit cards will offer different rewards for using the card frequently. Some offer cash back, others offer travel miles. Still others may offer office supply rebates. Pick a card with rewards that are synchronous with your business needs. If you own a bookstore, you probably don’t need a lot of travel miles. On the other hand, if your business involves international transactions, travel miles might save you a significant amount of capital. Find the credit card rewards that are right for you and your business.


Other Business Credit Card Features

There are other features that different credit cards offer, such as reduced annual fees or promises of exceptional customer service, but the features above are the ones most start ups will want to prioritize. Annual fees are usually fairly low relative to the money you can save with a low interest rate and a good rewards program, and you should expect satisfactory customer service from any business credit card company. The important thing is to layout your company’s needs, do the proper research, and find the business credit cards that fit. If you are able to do this, you can expect a successful relationship with a business credit card that can last the life of your business.

Don’t Miss Your Tax Self Assessment Deadline

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Every year, you are required to fill out a tax self assessment form with details of your income and assets. This form is used by the government to figure out how much tax you owe, or whether you have paid too much tax and are due a refund.

It is important that you fill out the tax self assessment form accurately and that you do so on time, because if you miss the deadline then you could face significant fines.

A lot of people are nervous about filling out their self assessment forms because they do not want to make mistakes, or because they do not understand all of the questions on the form. This concern is was to understand, but in truth if you plan ahead you should have no issues with filing your return. For the average person, even someone who runs a small business, self assessment is simple as long as you kept accurate records of your income and outgoings throughout the year. It I only when you have high value depreciating assets or a lot of investmentsssesment that things start to get complicated and it becomes vital that you seek advice from a qualified accountant.

If you are unsure whether your books are accurate, then talking to someone is a trained bookkeeper could be tax filesbeneficial. Bookkeepers know enough about double entry and cash basis accounts to help you to figure out your accounts, and they will usually be willing to give you tips to improve your record keeping while they are working on your books for this year.

You can file your accounts online, or on paper. If you file on paper, make sure you post the forms off as early as possible so that they are received and processed on time. If you plan to file online, then try not to leave it until the last minute. While the government’s websites are quite robust, the rush of traffic that comes in on the last couple of days leading up to the tax return deadlines can often bring the website to a halt. Rather than risking missing deadline because of problems with the website, it makes much more sense to do the filing a few weeks after the accounting period ends and before everyone else in your area is calling accountants to get a last minute appointment booked with them.

For Fast Easy Accurate Brochure Printing London is The City

Get your marketing brochures, annual reports, proposals what ever your printing needs are you can find the help you need in The City. There are many older well established brochure printing London based companies.

If you can create your own PDF file then without even leaving the comfort of your own office you can have that flyer printed. With the 21st century convenience of the internet, you can just shoot that file off electronically.

Want help designing that big proposal? Needing high quality graphics in your marketing brochure? Just look to the brochure printing London companies for that superior edge. Why go anywhere else? These brochure printing London companies have been serving world renowned businesses from the first days of movable print.

Old does not mean out of date, it means well organized, experienced. There is a reason you will find them in business after all these years. It is their knowledge of what good customer service is.

London is a cosmopolitan city with an understanding and feel for many different cultures. This makes the brochure printers here our first stop for every project, whether its marketing, annual reports, sales catalogs they are the ones to go to.

In today’s economy we all need to work inside our budget and each project must prove its worth. So the quality of service that you will see here in London makes it the place to go. And if you are concerned about pricing just change check out the online quote systems that most websites will give you. Remember most items do not require a Value Added Tax payment but, as some items will attract the tax, do be sure to verify if VAT will be added.

As always you can choose your preferred style right online. Do you want single pages or would you like that flyer folded? Would that be a double fold or a tri-fold, no problem.

Time is of the essence in this competitive market so knowing you can receive your project as fast you like is important. Whether you need it next day, next week or a regular shipment all those needs are sure to be met.

Many companies will send you a free digital proof for your approval. Once approved your payment starts the job. You are certain to be pleased that you went to The City to get the job done.

Why You Need Business Advisors

Running a business is a difficult situation. There are any number of different things you have to take care of, everything from stock to taxes, payroll to hiring and firing. Then there’s the actual customers to deal with! No matter how you look at it, running a business is tough.

Yet one thing many people never consider is hiring business advisors from There’s a number of different reasons for this. The most common one is that they feel they have a pretty decent handle on running their own business. Sometimes that’s true. Sometimes, it’s a good deal less true than they think. Either way, that doesn’t mean a business advisor can’t be useful.

The thing about human nature is that humans are very good at convincing themselves they’re right. It’s difficult for many people to see the places where they can improve. This is why business advisors are so useful. They’re an outside source of information, trained and studied in the running of business. They can take a look at how your learningbusiness is functioning, take a look at the way you’re running things, and see if there’s anything that can be done better. They can also take a look at your books, your paperwork, your payroll, and your inventory, and see if there’s something you can do better there, as well.

No matter what your reasoning for not hiring a business advisor, you’re missing out. A quality business advisor can completely change the way a business works. They can take a flailing business and make it successful. They can take a successful business and make it into a million dollar industry. No matter how tight a ship you run, no matter how well oiled your business is, a business advisor can help you take it to the next level and step up your game.

If you’re considering whether or not to hire a business advisor, the answer is yes. Don’t fall into the common human habit of presuming that your business is running good enough. It may be doing well enough, but it can always be doing better. There’s always more customers to serve, there’s always better product to sell, and there’s always new ways to sell those products. So no matter how well your business is running, consider hiring a business advisor. It could be the difference between being merely successful, and being such a huge success that you can retire.

The Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer relationship management is a broad field that includes everything from answering support tickets and managing loyalty schemes to following up on qualified leads, handling complaints, managing billing issues and cross-selling or up-selling to customers.

For a small business, these jobs can be pretty easy, but as your business grows it becomes increasingly important to use customer relationship management tools because without those tools you will lose track of who you need to contact, what has already been said to them, and the preferences of each customer.

Customer relationship management tools are useful because they make it possible for all of your employees to access up-to-the-minute information about the people that they are working with. Your face-to-face sales team can access information gathered by telephone and email sales people. Support staff can view details of past conversations with sales staff, and management can track conversions, complaint resolutions, up-selling and contract information – all using cloud-based solutions that are robust, reliable and easy to use. These tools offer clear benefits in terms of reducing errors and streamlining the customer service, inbound and outbound sales workflows – therefore making every member of those teams more efficient and productive.customer relationship management tools

Investing in CRM may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance, but it is something that you can and should take seriously. If your management team are unconvinced about the potential value of CRM then you should take some time to explain to them how good customer service and lead tracking can not just improve your conversion rate and increase customer retention but also arm you with the information that you need in order to improve your sales and customer service pathways in the long term. CRM is not just about providing you with information about each individual customer – it is also a tool that empowers you with information that you can use for analytics.

Most management teams appreciate the value of information these days, and will be happy to get access to more powerful reporting and analytics tools. This means that you have an extra selling point for introducing the idea of customer relationship management software. Use this added benefit to your advantage and you will find that it is easier to make the case for things like Salesforce or Sage’s CRM tools that can improve the workflow of your sales and customer service teams.

Finding The Best Family Law Solicitor For You

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Family law can be a very complicated area and you need to make sure that you have a solicitor that will be supportive as well as efficient and effective. Finding a solicitor that specialises in family law and who has an excellent track record with previous cases and clients means doing a little research to make sure you make the right choice for you.

family lawWhen it comes to family law, the cases can be extremely sensitive, and you want to have a solicitor who is clearly supportive and in your corner. Take a look at the websites of family law firms in your local area, and make a short list of those that are well established and have plenty of experience. Next, check to see if they have any social media profiles. This is the best way to check out a firm and to find a balanced view of their service.

Facebook and Twitter in particular will be a good place to find out what sort of experience previous and current clients have had with that particular solicitor. Check their profiles for comments from clients and for the replies from the firm. You can tell a lot about the service of a business from these two resources. If they don’t have any social media profiles, try doing a general search on Google to see if there are any posts on forums and social media from unhappy clients.

This will give you an idea of what you can expect from that particular law firm. Once you have narrowed your list down to exclude any with bad feedback, it’s time to call those left on the list. Make a note of the questions you need to ask over the course of a couple of days before you call them – this will make sure you don’t forget anything important.